501 Laws: The Law of Enlightenment

LAW #50.  Enlightenment effect: disorder Notes Humans need two things to see: eyes and light. “They kindled a fire to illuminate what was around them but suddenly lost their eyes.” Al-baqarah. The 18th-century enlightenment launched reason, scientific method, colonialism,… Read More

The Politics of Free Speech in Muslim Countries

Political speech, the most significant part of free speech, is anything but robust in most Muslim countries. Criticism of the government lies at heart of the political speech. Ordinary citizens and journalists must be free to criticize public officials,… Read More

The Persecution of Hazaras

Persecution, involving ethnic groups considered outsiders, is primarily of two kinds. In one kind, known as settler colonialism, an ethnic/racial group occupies territory and persecutes the native population. The U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel, and Latin America fall into this category. In the second kind, known as nativism, the native population persecutes a “foreign” ethnic group living in the country, sometimes for centuries. Gypsies in Europe, Rohingyas in Myanmar, and Hazaras in Afghanistan belong to this category. Each form of persecution is lethal and persists for centuries.

Prosecuting Race Provocateurs: Bolsonaro, Trump, and Others

 Leroy Skalstad @ Pixabay  L. Ali KhanL. Ali Khan In 2002, the U.N. established a Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent to “study the problems of racial discrimination faced by people of African descent living in the… Read More

Crimes against African Americans

The world has seen shocking videos of U.S, police officers, and private citizens perpetrating crimes against African Americans. Relentlessly, the socio-legal system brings about the death, imprisonment, torture, and degradation of African American men, women, boys, girls, households, and… Read More

Shut Down the Planet Every Year for Two Weeks

L. Ali Khan This planet belongs to all forms of life: plants, animals, birds, insects, humans, bacteria, and viruses. Humans have no inherent right to monopolize the earth to the exclusion of other life forms. Our theologies and our… Read More

Fighting Modi with a Poem

L. Ali Khan Some poems capture the tyranny of the time.  Sab Yaad Rakha Jaiga (All you do will be remembered), an Urdu/Hindi poem protesting the viciousness that the Modi Hindutva has unleashed in various parts of India is… Read More

The Revival of Non-Self

The 21st century is witnessing the revival of Non-Self, such as Herrenvolk and Hindutva, which assert a binary division of “Self” and “Non-Self.” Selfism advocates the exclusion of Non-Self, variously defined as immigrants, refugees, gypsies, indigenous people, minorities, or “others.”… Read More

Undoing Kashmir Autonomy is Unlawful

” This raises the question of whether the federal parliament can revoke the State constitution. There appears to be no such authority available under the India Constitution. ” L. Ali Khan @ Kashmir Watch In the first week of… Read More

Brexit Complicates UK-US Trade Relations

By Hans Mahncke There is some debate in the media about whether the UK’s Brexit proposal (“Chequers proposal”) is compatible with a proposed UK-US trade agreement. The UK says it is, while the US believes otherwise. On 29 March 2019,… Read More