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501 Laws

Reconciliation is Profitable

Why Reconciliation in Business Disputes?

In most business disputes, litigation leaves many issues unresolved and the losing party feels humiliated and defeated.

Reconciliation is a win-win paradigm as well as the most equitable resolution of a business dispute.

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501 Laws: Entropy

Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics—heat flows from hot to cold. If an egg breaks, it cannot ever go back to its previous state. Autumn leaves fall off the tree without any chance of turning green, but they gain new freedom to flutter far away from the tree. Read More

A Food Pandemic Infects America

A food pandemic means the abundance of disease-causing foods (pathogenic foods) people consume regularly and consequently develop life-threatening morbidities. The U.S. has been infected with a food pandemic for many years, now spreading to other countries. Read More
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