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Reconciliation is Profitable

Why Reconciliation in Business Disputes?

In most business disputes, litigation leaves many issues unresolved and the losing party feels humiliated and defeated.

Reconciliation is a win-win paradigm as well as the most equitable resolution of a business dispute.

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Undoing Cricket Imperialism

The ICC ought to seriously consider making the revenue-generating, cost-effective T20 format, played by both men and women, the eligibility criterion for full membership. Keep Test matches but discard them as an eligibility criterion for full membership in the ICC. This change in membership eligibility would allow many more cricket-playing nations to shape the future of cricket and its management. After granting full membership to most countries, the ICC should hold regional T20 competitions in Africa (21 members), Europe (34 members), and the Americas (17 members). Read More

501 Laws: Boredom

Doing the same thing over and over again—even making money-- is boring. Workplace boredom infects all professionals, including thieves, lawyers, and physicians. Boredom means dissatisfaction with what you have: job, relationship, achievements. Read More
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