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Civil rights reject unlawful discrimination.

The Academy provides legal services in matters involving civil rights. Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, physical appearance is actionable under law. Significant relief is available in many cases.

Civil rights reject unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, credit, and in many other areas of life. We are here to help fight discrimination. We safeguard your civil rights without which a decent life is impossible.

Reconciliation is therapeutic

Why reconciliation?

Litigation leaves many wounds behind as the losing party feels cheated, humiliated, and defeated.

Reconciliation is a win-win paradigm as well as the most equitable resolution of a dispute.

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Threats of deportations are evolving into a global phenomenon as nativism, racism, and xenophobia sweep the world. All over the world, nations are turning against “foreigners,” particularly against the most vulnerable populations such as refugees, migrant workers, and undocumented… Read More

Kansas Supreme Court Fights for Public Education Funding

Since 2010, Kansas is litigating the funding of K-12 public education. The Kansas Supreme Court has rendered four decisions repeatedly instructing the state legislature to provide adequate and equitable funding for Kansas public schools. In its latest decision of… Read More

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