501 Laws – The Law of Square Roots

From Pixabay

Law #351.  √-1

effect: metaverse


The human mind perceives reality, and then it flips to see reality. What is real is indeed the imaginary, and vice versa. Poets, artists, and mathematicians know that reality and imagination are interchangeable. Take mathematics: 1 is a natural unit, while √-1 is the imaginary unit, called i. The square of i is a real number, while its cube is imaginary. If the exponent is an even number, i yields a real number; if odd, an imaginary number. In all fields of knowledge, the real curves into illusory. Fiction rolls into nonfiction and fiction again. Telling the truth too many times sours into propaganda, and a lie told repeatedly acquires belief. Scriptures appeal to the foolish and the wise. Mystifyingly, love transmutes into aversion, and the Buddha turns into an atheist. Science fiction spawns technology; metaphysics merges into the metaverse. Reality generates virtual reality and augmented reality. Evidence produces convictions and fatal errors. The courts split 5/4 reading the same statute and the same constitution. “Whatever is is a fiat.” Jurist.