501 Laws: Entropy

function: reorder


Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics—heat flows from hot to cold. If an egg breaks, it cannot ever go back to its previous state. Autumn leaves fall off the tree without any chance of turning green, but they gain new freedom to flutter far away from the tree. Age reversibility is a phantom probability. Clean things become dirty and what is dirty becomes dirtier. Chaos rather than order is nature’s preference. God plays the universe with a cue stick. Empires degenerate, dictatorships fall, and democracies slide into fascism. “Love your enemies, do good to them who hate you.” Gospels. The presumed love transmutes into Hiroshima. Fatalism embraces randomness, but future planning builds vibrant cities. “There is no fifth caste.” Manu. The Shudras can enact a counter-theology to turn themselves into gods and goddesses. The working class can reshape the state through willful entropy. There are many ways to sow the seeds, grow gardens, and let the bees make honey. “The gardener waters the plants, but the creator decides whether fruit and flowers will grow.” Mian Bakhsh.